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Weeknotes 2020-07-26

The world:

  • hm. I was a bit busy this week, so I wasn’t paying too much attention, so I don’t have too much to rail against today. Well of course, things are still ongoing. There’s still the pandemic, fascist police state philosophy continues to rear it’s ugly head in the US, PH gov’t continues to be dumb, etc., but this week seemed a bit tame comparably.
On I wrote:

Pandemic thoughts and updates, July 26 edition:

  • Watching mass via Facebook again today. The nearby Church actually holds services, but last I heard it was only 10 people per mass, and need to call ahead of time. It doesn’t seem likely we’ll be going anytime soon.
  • grocery run yesterday, without incident
  • last Thursday I finally got a haircut my last one was around New Year’s Day, so this was around six and a half months of hair cut off. I didn’t go to a barbershop, this was a home service haircut, care of a lady who works at a neighboring salon, who actually came over to do some home care service for my mom.
  • As of last night, we are at 78412 cases (+2019 from the day before, +13108 from last week, slight acceleration week-on-week), 1897 deaths (+20 from the day before, +224 from last week, lower jump than last week), 25752 recoveries (+1278 from the day before, +3685 from last week, much less than last week’s jump). The admin claims that if we breach 85k cases by end-July, Metro Manila may go back to NCQ. First, that seems likely to happen so we’ll see. Second, it seems a bit unfair and illogical to make Metro Manila’s quarantine status dependent on national case numbers, but whatever. Reference.
  • Worldwide, we are at 16.2M cases (+1.8M from last week, slight acceleration) and almost 650k deaths. The US retains a comfortable lead over second placer Brazil. Caveat: these numbers are from Worldometer.

My stuff:

  • Busy with rebuilding the UI for the old project. I’m having fun with it, so that’s something. I think this week went by more quickly for me because of it.
  • Gaming:
    • Final Fantasy VII Remake completed! Review here.
    • I played through a couple of Civ6 games, trying out the new civs and game modes from the New Frontier pass. Fun and challenging. Apocalypse mode: it’s an insane feeling the first time you see a comet strike take out a city. I was actually streaming the gameplay to a friend on Discord when this happened and we both went “Woah!” and he said that pushed him to get the DLC as well. Secret societies: Only tried Voidsingers so far; their cultists are great for culture victory since they’re a constant source of relics for tourism, and the Old God Monument gives you GW slots for them.
    • MTG: Still playing a bunch of JumpStart, but also put together Bant Ramp for Historic. Currently at Diamond 4, I’ll see if I can grind Mythic for constructed before end of month. Related: I watched Maro’s Comic-con stream for Zendikar Rising last night, but left kinda underwhelmed. Set boosters are neat, but I kind of wanted more info/spoilers about the set itself. It’s hard to be excited about the set boosters when my MTG involvement is primarily through Arena these days.
  • Quiz:
    • Only played 2 online quizzes this week (the third one didn’t fire due to not enough participants). There was a fun Scientists/Inventors round which I could have perfected if I had gone with my gut answer (Rutherford) and not listened to my teammates lol.
  • Watching lately:
  • Side projects:
    • Technically, this old project I’m revamping used to be a “side project”.

Recent links:

  • Nothing of note.