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Weeknotes 2020-10-25

Server migration update: I had encountered some trouble with the Travis-CI -based Hugo build generating this here website last week. Luckily, most of the migration work to the new backend was already done, so I went ahead and switched over the servers. So this site is no longer plain-old deployed HTML, but rather powered by a Django backend. The site should be mostly the same, though I did take the opportunity to move some stuff around. There’s probably some bugs floating around, and maybe some secrets even. Probably need a longer blog post writing about the migration itself, though it wasn’t too complicated. I also have a bunch of notes about the server setup that I’ll also carve into a blog post when I have time. Things should be mostly done for this site, but I have one other domain I have to migrate, and I have scheduled that for the end of the month.

That means that hopefully all my apps/domains will be on the new server after the first week of November. My account at the old webhost is paid until Nov 15th, and I’ve already indicated I don’t plan to migrate to whatever new system they have, so it’s just in time I think. Hoping things go smoothly.

Gaming: I did the 120 stars “completion” for Super Mario Galaxy, although that’s really more like half of actual completion. I put down the Switch for a few days after that to cool down on it for a bit, as I have been playing it a lot since I got it. Still deciding whether to play Odyssey next or try Link’s Awakening.

Gaming: I haven’t played Eternal Card Game in months, which meant falling behind on the collection as new sets came out and such. But they’re running an event right now where all accounts have access to all cards, and there are qualifiers for their worlds event. I figured why not and gave it a shot, running a deck I got from their recent tournaments, and managed to qualify for the LCQ on my first try. Eternal has always been a fun game, but the past few months I’ve preferred playing on MTG Arena. The timing of this Eternal event was pretty nice, as it came up just after Arena got a patch that severely downgraded the UX, with bugs being reported everywhere and general laggy performance. The Eternal client was, as always, snappy and had no issues. Arena dev team needs to get their act together!

Still ongoing: the Inktober thing. Still haven’t missed a day! This week is the final stretch.

Not ongoing: Hacktoberfest. I mentioned before that I was planning to do it, but… I haven’t. Less than a week to go, so doesn’t seem likely I can get into it, especially since other things have come up.

So my current webhost finally decided to give me a deadline, the long and short of it is that my new server needs to be ready by December the 9th, giving me a bit under a month to get things in order. I’m already in the middle of setting up the new server, so I think I’ll be ready by early November anyway. Most of the code to run the new blog is also mostly ready (who knows how many bugs there are though!) I am (re-)learning a lot about server setups though, so hopefully I’ll have quite a few blog posts to write the migration is done.

Watching lately: Mostly old NCIS seasons still, and I’m just past the halfway point on The Expanse season 4. Slow going.

I am looking forward to November, and am awaiting the outcome of the US presidential elections with morbid interest.

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