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Ephemeral Echoes

Last week, Twitter added Fleets, their own version of stories (short-lived posts). As could be expected, it’s not something I can relate to. I did post one (saying “This is dumb.") just to see what the interface was like, but that’s it.

I thought about writing a blog post about how I dislike this sort of ephemeral social media, but it turns out that something I’d already written about before. Things don’t change I guess, and they just come around.

I still can’t relate to this kind of thing, since I really prefer having a record of things I’ve posted for future reference. It’s generally my favorite feature of social media platforms; even when I was winding down my usage of Facebook, I was still using it regularly for the “On This Day” feature. And I even put an “On this day” feature on this very site as well.

People do seem fond of this kind of thing though, a lot of my Twitter follows are already posting fleets. I don’t mind looking through other people’s fleets or stories, there’s some fun stuff there sometimes. So this might be the sort of feature we can expect social media platforms to keep putting out in the near future.

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