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Forty Three

Had some trouble thinking about what I wanted to write for this year’s birthday post. And while I was thinking about it I accidentally published an empty draft of this post earlier today. Sounds about right.

I like to consider myself an optimist, but it’s been a challenging 365 days. We are still very much in the throes of a pandemic, threatening to overrun our vaccine defense with mutated variants. The entire twelve months since the last birthday have been spent in quarantine. The world is burning, experiencing record levels of heat. The internet is dominated by big silos that incentivize spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. Democracy, freedom of speech, and human rights are being threatened by ever-encroaching authoritarianism. Tensions are rising between two of the world’s biggest economies. The world doesn’t feel like it’s in a good place.

It is very difficult to remain an optimist in these trying times. But birthdays are a good time to look back and reflect and consider what the future holds, and perhaps to unapologetically turn back to hope and optimism. I want to believe.

As for me personally, I am in a good place. I am privileged enough that the pandemic doesn’t deprive me of my daily needs or to still take part in many of the things I enjoy (though I wouldn’t mind being able to go see a movie in theaters again). Still able to enjoy the love and company of family and friends, albeit online only. Work is light to nonexistent, by choice. I have been exploring and trying out some new things, trying to see if I can find a new path for me moving forward, as every time I think about going back to full-time employment that seems like a terrible idea. Nothing solid yet, but that’s alright, there’s nothing wrong with just being a wanderer, if that’s how the world decides to turn.

Hopefully the coming year will be better, both for the world, and for me personally, and that I have better things to write for the future post titled “Forty Four”.

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