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Weeknotes 2021-08-08

A quote:

“Ask yourself: Why am I seeing and feeling this? How am I growing? What am I learning? Remember: Every coincidence is potentially meaningful. How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world.” – Ansel Adams

The world:

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From the archives, this week in history:

My stuff:

  • Watching:
    • Movies:
    • TV: No new series watched this week, but I have started a new Parks and Recreation rewatch as my background noise. Series is still great.
  • Gaming:
    • I think I’m close to completing all the Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Frozen Wilds quests. I only have 1 sidequest left, plus finishing the hunting grounds (1 out of 3 done so far). Might have less PS4 during the ECQ though.
    • Still managing to play a bit of Guilty Gear Strive on weeknights. I also tried playing some Street Fighter V again after the announcements this week, with the view of earning a bit more money so I can just unlock new DLC fighter Akira for free when she drops on the 16th. Coming back to SFV is weird after playing GGS for a couple of months; I lost my first match back because my instincts were all wrong, but I kind of got back into the groove by the second and third matches. I’ll try to do both GGS and SFV on my nightly runs.
    • Magic Arena: Streamed the final episode for my Adventures in the Forgotten Realms drafting on Magic Arena, you can follow via the MTGAFR tag. The last stream lasted more than 3 hours! You can view the whole Youtube playlist here.
    • Regular Saturday group played some Root and Blood Rage again, as usual. I won this week’s Blood Rage!
  • Reading: Mostly just comics again this week. When I say I’ve been reading “comics”, I mostly mean I’ve been trying to make my way through a stack of printed comic strip collections that someone had given to me earlier this year. I’ll make a blog post about them presumably when I’m done.
  • No quiz night this past week, just the usual NY Times crosswords and spelling bee with the trivia team.

This coming week:

  • August continues to be stacked! This coming week we have:
    • Marvel’s What If on Disney+ (Aug 11)
    • Jumpstart Historic Horizons dropping on Magic Arena (Aug 12)
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s final season starts (Aug 12)
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