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  • I consider myself ok in terms of strategy like spacing, pokes, mind games and the like, but my problem in general is poor execution; it’s most probably because i dont want to put in the effort to memorize and practice combo strings and stuff. Like in sf4 i can pull of fadc’s occasionally in training mode, but i dont have any hope of pulling it off in the middle of a heated match. For this reason i tend to rely more on short bnb combos

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  • Sid Meier once said that a game is a “series of interesting decisions”. When your decisions have no consequence, the decisions become less interesting and meaningful. If your decisions don’t have consequences, why bother having the decisions at all? Why not just give the player everything all at once, since that’s what it essentially comes down to when you can respec at will?

    I remember when I was playing Kingdom of Amalur, you could respec at any time for a small gold cost. The gold cost increases gradually every time, but it never becomes a very high value such that respeccing was practically free. That means there was no point investing in the Crafting skills since at any point you could decide “I’m going to do all my crafting now”, respec to the best crafting build, craft your stuff, then respec back to what you normally have.

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  • It’s a problem of balance. If the RPG isn’t well-balanced, it may punish the player for decisions made early on (i.e. he chose an ability that didn’t turn out to be as useful as he expected), and having no respec option at all locks him into that choice. I agree that there needs to be some level of consequence to your choices and we can’t expect the game to be balanced 100% with regards to character choices, but the problem is that for a new player playing a new game, he will almost invariably be unable to judge correctly whether certain choices are good or bad.

    So my answer is: I’d prefer not having respec options, but I understand the need for them. Maybe not have respeccing be so easy or something would be a good idea (i.e. need to complete some quest that gets harder every time you want to respec)

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