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Watching Lately: January 2019

Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow:

Bumblebee only came out over here in January (thanks to the usual MMFF shenanigans), and I decided to watch it on a whim. Pretty decent soft reboot, read my spoiler-free review over on the Tumblr

The first half of Young Justice Outsiders is out, and it’s pretty good. Focus is back on a smaller group after the larger team in YJ season 2. A few new characters are introduced and I learned about a couple of DC heroes I wasn’t familiar with before. Probably still the best animated superhero show to date.

On the Netflix side, season 2 of Punisher is out as well. I finished watching it but didn’t bother posting a spoiler-free review this time. It was okay, but I don’t have much commentary. Not as strikingly good as the first one was, but pretty decent. It feels weird now watching these shows knowing they are likely to end soon.

Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery has also started! Only two episodes in so far, but still very good. Feels a lot more classic Trek than the previous season, and a much lighter tone, not just because their captain isn’t afraid of the light anymore.

My Netflix history also says I watched Bird Box, which became a bit viral early this month for some reason, but that was just my niece making my mom watch it with her, even after I warned her she would get scared (she did).

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