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Some number of years back I first encountered this comic image and I really liked it because it had a message of boundless optimism, of no challenge too large to overcome.

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I later found out that the image comes from an Eisner-award winning webcomic called minus (intentionally lower case). The meaning of the comic changes significantly in the context of the webcomic, as the titular girl minus apparently has unlimited reality alteration powers. I still like the optimism version though.

I was reminded of this because I found my old copy of the above image (and even set it as my Twitter profile header) and was trying to remember the name of the comic, and in the course of my research, I found out that the webcomic’s website has disappeared (domain purchased by some Japanese company), and the creator Ryan Armand has since disappeared from the internet.

It’s an interesting mystery whenever a well-known creator vanishes from the public eye. It reminds me a bit of notable Ruby programmer why the lucky stiff, who also chose to withdraw from the internet because he wanted to be left alone.

It’s too bad Ryan Armand is no longer doing webcomics, as minus was pretty good. You can read minus’ archives via the internet archive or here are some on Comic Vine.

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