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Watching Lately: March 2019

The big one this month was Captain Marvel. I posted the usual spoiler-free review over on Tumblr, but I have some more spoiler-y thoughts over here:

  • While I thought the movie was ok, I was underwhelmed by the third act and specifically the lack of any serious threat for Carol to defeat towards the end of the movie. As this tumblr post explains more clearly than I ever could, perhaps the issue is that the narrative is not something targetted towards me as a man, who has not experienced the emotional gaslighting IRL that many women are exposed to. It’s an interesting way to frame the narrative, and probably explains why some movies (i.e. chick flicks) really don’t appeal to me.

  • I did enjoy most everything else about the movie, especially most of the comic book tie-ins and links to other MCU movies. I appreciated how they re-told the “Carol getting her powers from an explosion” and Mar-vell still being there. I appreciate the surprise that Annette Benning was Mar-Vell all along. I appreciate their reimagination of the Kree Supreme Intelligence. I appreciate that by the time Avengers Endgame or any potential Captain Marvel 2 rolls around, Monica Rambeau will be old enough to be her own superhero as well. I appreciate all the little things connecting this movie to the first Iron Man, the first Avengers, and even to Infinity War itself. I also appreciated that their depiction of the Kree did not rule out the Agents of SHIELD versions existing! (That being said, I would have appreciated an explanation for why some Kree are blue and some are not!)

Not much else to report. The Arrowverse is limping along. Recent episodes of Supergirl have been great, I loved Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, and I love how they’ve been able to adapt multiple comic book storylines this season such as What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, & the American Way?, American Alien and Red Son. (Excuse me, red daughter.)

In more sci-fi land, The Orville has been fantastic, with their surprise twist to the Isaac storyline culminating in one of the best space battles portrayed on TV. Star Trek Discovery is not as good, but I still like it, as it feels a lot more classic Trek than S1 and the overarching S2 plot is more interesting to me too.

Next month is looking packed. The big headliners to look forward to are of course Avengers Endgame, Shazam, and the final season of Game of Thrones!

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