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Weeknotes 2020-05-03

First week of May. At least two more weeks of quarantine remain. COVID19 Diary still exists, only updated every so often. I stayed in the entire week!

The week was slightly more productive than the last one, at least in terms of personal projects. I moved a couple of them forward. And also spent a bunch of time spring cleaning and moving stuff around here on the site. Details to follow.

Quizzes: I watched the Geekfight, but I could only personally answer like 4 questions maybe. My teammate who was an official player did much better. We joined the PopQuiz one, but got a cursed ace and finished low. Looking forward to next week’s quizzes, and there may even be a new organizer setting up an online quiz!

Watching lately

I burned through the remaining 5 seasons of Psych and the 2017 Psych movie as well. Overall it’s a really fun series, despite usually sticking to a formula. Chock-full of pop culture references and shout-outs and in-jokes and such, just the kind of thing I enjoy.

The only other thing I’ve watched this week was the Parks and Recreation reunion special (quarantine edition), fun episode and happy to see these guys all together again.

At least I can watch other things now!

I kind of want to be filling out a “things of interest” section in these weeknotes every week, basically collecting interesting things I found on the internet during the week. I do find/read a bunch of interesting things over the week, but the problem is I seldom log them down for future posting. Will need to correct moving forward.


Ikoria drafting is done for me, for now at least. You can view all my Ikoria drafts at the MTGIKO tag.

My FF7 Remake Deluxe Edition copy got delivered last Friday! I briefly considered asking my brother to drive over and bring my PS4 home, but that isn’t really essential travel so I thought better of it. Cloud and company will have to wait. I’m not in a hurry, and really, there’s a bunch of other games to play.

Humble Choice for May is out, but not too happy with the choices. I already have X-Com II, and it doesn’t even come with the War of the Chosen DLC! Probably passing on this one.

Other things: Trivia team set up a Youtube channel. I suspect the videos will be more gaming-related than trivia-related though.

Site updates:

  • cleanups of old content (mostly stuff that got mangled during import from Wordpress or elsewhere)
  • together with the pass over the old content, I’ve been putting together some “media diet” pages. I’ve seen this in a few other blogs, where they track all their media (TV/movies/books) consumption. I’m already doing this more often with the Watching lately posts (and in the weeknotes), and my 2020 movies list, but I wanted it to include other media types too (including games), so I started putting together the lists. For the older years, I have to reconstruct the media list from old blog posts and so on, so they’re bound to be incomplete and probably inaccurate, but it is what it is. I started from 2002 and working my way back to the present. It’s still WIP, but the list should be here.
  • adding some other new stuff/sections, but nothing linked publicly yet. Need to arrange everything correctly, may take a while.

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