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Weeknotes 2020-11-29

December is almost upon us!

I had an opportunity last week to take on some additional work, but on further reflection, I thought I’d pass on it. I am in general, averse to working during the Christmas season (that is to say, more so than during the entire year in general). Even back when I was working full-time, I’d prefer taking most of my leaves during December. It’s really a result of the terrible traffic in Metro Manila, which gets significantly worse during Christmas season, a trauma that lingers even when I’m home all the time.

The past week went by quickly. Not so much because of anything stressful or such, but more like there were a bunch of errands to be done. I also did a bunch of maintenance work for some of my smaller side projects (adding questions to the trivia bot, fixing some bugs in this site’s code, adding some minor features to some of my tracking stuff, etc.)

I haven’t been writing much lately, other than these weeknotes. Lately, I’ve also found my thoughts wandering a lot and been having difficulty focusing on anything productive. I can’t help but feel these things are related, and that I should be writing more to help me focus and get back into the habit of thinking better. Let’s see if I can get a few more blog posts out in the coming weeks.

Gaming: Nothing much new. A new drop in the Civ6 New Frontier pass was released a couple of weeks ago, so I played a few Civ6 games this week to try things out. The new leader/civ (Hammurabi of Babylon) was pretty fun, kind of a unique experience, and I like the Heroes and Legends mode. I actually want to try the other new game modes added by the NFP recently, it’s just that Civ games always take so long, so it’s hard to fit them in when I have other single-player games I want to play. Steam Autumn sale is currently ongoing, but so far I have taken no damage (though I did let myself get billed for November’s humble choice). I kind of wanted to buy a couple of additional Switch games, but I might just start something on my very extensive Steam backlog.

Books: I finished Rhythm of War! Fun book, I may write a longer review, as I kind of regret not having a review for the previous book Oathbringer, as I had nothing to go back to as a bit of review before starting on Rhythm of War.

Watching Lately: I think I’ve only been watching more Perfect Strangers this week. Two more seasons to go! This also means I’m behind on the Mandalorian and Discovery, which means I risk spoilers lol. Should try to catch up this week.

Looking forward to: December? Christmas? Not really, not so much, though it can’t hurt, but I’m counting the days until we are rid of this accursed plague year.

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