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This week felt weird. It kind of went by quickly for me, but it doesn’t feel like anything important really happened. Its kind of like those moments in-between other events, where you’re just coasting along and waiting for the more significant things to happen. My country is still recovering from the storms of the past few weeks, Trump is still flailing around trying to overturn democracy, and our own president is still insecure when someone gets more attention than him.

These moments feel fleeting, but they’re a pretty good time for some self-reflection. I probably need a bit more of that, but I’ve found my mind has been wandering through parallel universes lately.

Gaming: I pushed the post-game completion on Super Mario Odyssey, but I might just be at my limit. I have 7 moons remaining, and 5 of those are for minigames, and the last 2 are for the super frustrating Breakdown Road stage. All of these probably require a great deal more patience than I have available, so that might be it for me. Still, it was a great ride, and I’m proud I can even get this far given I don’t consider myself great at platformers nowadays. Still looking around for a new single-player game to dig into, not sure if I want to do another platformer or look for an RPG or such.

Magic: Still been drafting a bit of Kaladesh Remastered, although it seems the draft format doesn’t like me very much. I’ve gone a single 5-3 and three 0-3s, so it’s pretty bad! Still, I can keep doing at least one draft a week until Kaldheim comes out next year I guess.

Books: Rhythm of War, fourth book in Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive came out this past week! I got a Kindle copy off Amazon and have been reading a few chapters every night. I’m about a third of the way through I think. The problem with this book is I didn’t do a re-read of the previous books (they’re pretty long!) so every few chapters I’m like “Who is this person again and why is she here?”. This is a typical problem for epic fantasy series like this, so I’ll probably have this same problem if/when GRRM manages to get Winds of Winter out. (I think these two are the only unfinished fantasy series I’m still following.) I will say that Sanderson still writes quite well, and I’m hoping this gets me back into the habit of reading regularly again!

Watching Lately:

  • I caught up with the Mandalorian, pleasant surprise to see Katie Sackhoff around, apparently playing a character she voiced in Clone Wars (which I haven’t seen). Since I caught up with both Mandalorian and Discovery mid-season, now I have to wait every week for new episodes, like some kind of peasant.
  • For my background binge watching, I found some old copies I had of Perfect Strangers, so I’ve burned through a few seasons of that already. I loved this series when it was on TV back when I was young. It’s not particularly deep; most episodes have the same plot of “Balki does/says something naive and/or Larry overreacts and gets them into trouble and hilarity ensures”, but it’s still fun, and has probably one of the best ever TV show opening themes.

Looking forward to: I… don’t know? US thanksgiving is next week, which is mainly relevant for me because there’s usually a bunch of gaming sales at the time, but I don’t have anything I’m particularly interested in yet. There’s also some family events coming up (my eldest niece’s birthday), but it’s hard to get excited about those since we can’t actually get together.

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