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I started doing these weeknotes at the top of 2020, so this one signals one complete year of doing my weekly reviews/notes in public. I thought it appropriate for a review!

Did it turn out to be a good practice? I think for me yes! Not necessarily for anyone following the blog (all 3 of you), since a lot of the weeknotes stuff might seem boring or irrelevant to you. But for me, forcing me to publicly write some thoughts about the past week has been good for my own self-awareness and keeping me writing regularly.

I mentioned this in the first weeknotes linked above, but I used to do private weekly reviews before this. I haven’t found much need to supplement the public weeknotes with private ones over the year, but that’s basically because (a) my other tracking systems have evolved this year to better capture more data, so less review was actually needed; and (b) this silly pandemic keeping me at home most of the year means there wasn’t much to report most of the time.

In short, I’ll be carrying the weeknotes practice into 2021.

As for the past week, it was of course Christmas week, which went about as expected. Noche buena night was just me and the folks at home, although the brothers and their families did pass by for a short while on the morning of that day for some gift exchanges.

The world was relatively quiet. Well, there’s finally a post-Brexit trade deal, and Trump seems to be screwing over everybody as expected, and there’s a new Covid19 variant, and our government is still being dumb. So, same old same old?


  • A good chunk of my week went towards playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. As is typical of JRPGs, the startup is a bit slow, but once you get into the whole Persona-like loop of tasks and battles, it’s pretty addictive. Pretty sure this will take a while to finish though!
  • Steam Christmas Sale is still ongoing. Thinking of actually getting Hades, because of all the GOTY accolades it’s getting. On the other hand, Fire Emblem…
  • Regular weekly gaming with friends: Root, Sentinels of the Multiverse. I also played a couple more Civ6 games for achievement hunting purposes.

Watching Lately:

  • The new Jeopardy eps on Netflix ran out quickly. Haven’t really started on anything seriously yet, though I did watch first episodes of The Expanse S5 and Kimetsu no Yaiba, but I’m not feeling like binging either series yet.
  • I’m thinking of cramming a few more movies into the 2020 movies list this week, we’ll see if I get around to it or just play more Fire Emblem.

To whoever is reading this: despite everything about this year, I hope you somehow managed to have a good holiday season.

This coming week: end of year stuff!

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