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It’s a brand new year, a brand new week, a brand new day. There’s no real reason to believe 2021 will be a better year, but we can choose to try to be better, and maybe that in itself is better.

Last week’s New Year’s Eve transition played out pretty much as expected. We just stayed at home, actually had an early media noche dinner (around 9ish) and observed the fireworks for a little bit. Yes, there were still fireworks, despite the supposed ban at the LGU level. I would estimate a drop in fireworks volume of maybe 20% at best. Ma says maybe most of those are “sanctioned” fireworks in common areas, but I remain unconvinced.

Yesterday’s year in review blog post covered most of the stats for the past year. I enjoyed putting this together, I’m a sucker both for reflecting over the past and for gathering stats, so it’s a pleasant combination for me.

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions anymore, but I did decide to try to restart a few daily habits and see which ones stick. Don’t feel like talking about them all here, but a couple are:

  • the daily walking, but this time I only do a small loop right in front of the house and still inside our subdivision. It’s super boring, so I can’t tolerate doing it for too long, but maybe I’ll get used to it. I’ve started listening to a trivia podcast while walking, maybe that will help.
  • sketchdaily! This might be the most ambitious one. You can check all my sketches via the sketchbook album on this site.

Gaming: Fire Emblem run ongoing! And the usual Eternal, Magic Arena, regular Saturday gaming, etc. I paused on the new Humble Monthly, seems meh. There’s still time to get stuff from the Steam sale, but there’s nothing particularly interesting. FOR NOW.

Watching: I finally watched Wonder Woman 1984. Kind of meh. First one was definitely better.

Books: I purchased Katie Mack’s book “The End of Everything” on Kindle because it was on sale, hopefully to restart the book reading habit for the New Year!

Looking forward to this coming week:

  • Star Trek Discovery season finale
  • MTG Kaldheim preview season kicking off!
  • shenanigans in the US congress/senate when they try to certify the EC results. Also Georgia elections determine whether Biden will have Senate support!
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