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Weeknotes 2021-02-07

It’s February! We are nearing the one year anniversary of being in the longest covid19 lockdown in the world!

The world:

  • Myanmar’s military staged a coup, and have apparently cut off the country from the internet, maybe? Last night during an international voice chat, the two of us who were in the Philippines were suddenly dropped/disconnected and one of my first thoughts were “Wait, is there a coup happening in our country RIGHT NOW?” Luckily no, it was just the typical bad internet we have here.
  • In local news: Red-tagging, immature public officials, people objecting to laws due to poorly-thought of implementation rules, etc. So, same-same. Oh, also the anti-terror law challenged in the Supreme Court, and Napoles finally convicted of the pork barrel scam after a five-year trial.
  • I like noting down these current events in the weeknotes because they help future me frame my personal happenings around what’s going on in the world, but in a way it can get exhausting.

Nothing for today, I’ll post some stuff later this week, I think.

My stuff:

  • I have been busy for the past week, mostly learning a thing that I don’t want to talk about right now. So I haven’t been wandering the internets that much.
  • Daily sketches still ongoing in the sketchbook album.
  • Watching:
    • Gurren Lagann was added to Netflix! I watched the first few episodes, the series is as insane as I remember. It has English dubs, so I can watch it in the background (since I’ve already seen it before), but I have a bunch of other stuff to watch, so we’ll see.
    • WandaVision episode 5 was fantastic. It also may or may not be a BIG DEAL (tm). We’ll see. I was a bit annoyed that this was a weekly show, but the reality is that their cliffhangers wouldn’t have been as effective (or generated as much discussion/hype) if all the episodes came in one drop, so I guess it’s okay.
    • On a whim, I decided to watch the Royal Rumble. It’s so weird since their events have virtual audiences (with the wall of faces). Also like 1/3 to 1/2 of the actual Rumble participants have been around since forever, and in fact the current winner Edge won the Rumble for the first time 11 years ago to the day (which, together with him starting at #1, was a pretty strong hint he’d be winning). Not sure if I’d watch Wrestlemania in two months, since I don’t really follow anymore and I’m not really invested in the storylines or anything, but they really do a pretty good job of recapping storylines, feuds, etc in the events themselves.
  • Gaming:
    • New Humble Choice is out and includes Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Endless Space 2, which seem like good picks for me, so I’m probably getting it. I played the first Valkyria Chronicles more than a decade ago and I was surprised to know there’d already been 3 sequels, so looking forward to this one. Endless Space looks like my kind of jam as well. What? Backlog? What’s that?
    • Have already drafted a bit of Kaldheim on Magic Arena. It’s proving to be a rather fun format, and I did already get my first 7-x run on the third try. Check out the Kaldheim tag for details/VODs/etc.
  • Books: Finished Scott Berkun’s The Year Without Pants, review sometime this week. I wasn’t sure what to read next, so I just sat down and scrolled through the files in my Kindle til I decided on Cory Doctorow’s “Walkaway”
  • Quiz: Hey, we somehow managed to win this week’s AboutQuiz, so we are back on top of the league standings, I think.
  • Muscle pains in my left upper arm/shoulder seem to be more prevalent. Not more painful or anything, but like, easier to trigger at random angles so now I find myself wincing a lot. And the arm has a lot less flexibility when doing something like reaching behind me or such. At this point I should probably get a massage or something to try to fix it, but that would mean interacting with a stranger!

Looking forward to this coming week:

  • as always (at least until March), more WandaVision
  • new One Piece later today
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