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Weeknotes 2021-01-31 Stonks!

It’s February tomorrow! Somehow, the world still turns.

The world:

  • Somehow the most viral world news this week doesn’t seem to have been about any kind of politics, but rather about capitalism. The Gamestop/stock market brouhaha was a sage of retail investors on reddit going head-to-head with hedge funds over the stock price of a dying gaming company (among others) that dominated most of my feeds for the week. It’s actually a lot more compliced than that. If you want a more in-depth look, I recommend Matt Levine’s Money Stuff column over on Bloomberg, he covered the whole thing for most of the week. You can start here.

My stuff:

  • Daily sketches in the sketchbook album, somehow I still haven’t fallen behind.
  • Watching:
    • I started watching the current NCIS season (TIL Fez from That 70s Show is a cast regular there now!) and also a bunch of Mike Birbiglia standup specials on Netflix. I do have other more interesting series on my backlog to watch, but somehow I found myself falling back to procedurals and standup comedy. The main reason is that these things don’t require a lot of attention, so I can leave them running in the background while I do other things.
    • I will admit I was a bit meh on WandaVision episodes 1-3 (and even for the rest of the MCU offerings this year), but episode 4 was just fantastic and has renewed my MCU hype. If they manage to hit this level of quality for their other series, we have a lot to look forward to. It makes me a bit sad that the Netflix series/Agents of SHIELD never received the kind of MCU integration these series are getting, but what can you do?
  • Gaming:
    • A lot of gaming for me this week!
    • Played three whole games of Civilization VI over the past week, two of them before the latest New Frontier Pass drop even. I won one game with the new Civ Vietnam. (I streamed a bit of this game if you want to watch me be dumb.) I’m glad I got one already, because I’m not sure I’d play them again, as the terrain restrictions are very challenging. The Corporations mode is nice, but I feel like I haven’t yet maximized it too much. It does feel like I’ll be enabling this by default from now on.
    • Because of reasons, I purchased a copy of Princess Maker 2 Refine on Steam. I played a bunch of the original game back in the day, and it was weird reading through the old guides on GameFAQs and some of them would have advice on configuring old-timey things like config.sys and such. Anyway, I played almost 5 hours of this in one session, which was really bad for my eyestrain. This was one of the first calendar-based life sims I played, maybe it’s the reason I really enjoyed the Persona series? I’m not sure why I found this game in particular so engaging, as it’s kind of like watching spreadsheet numbers go up.
    • Kaldheim is out on Magic Arena! I only had time to do a Sealed so far, but I expect to be drafting (and streaming on Twitch) a few times a week.
  • Books: Still reading Scott Berkun’s The Year Without Pants.
  • Finances: I don’t talk about my finances a lot in this space, but I will note that a couple of weeks ago I started investing in the US markets via an app called eToro. I got lucky with an initial trade that had a bit too much leverage for my taste, because I wasn’t reading too carefully. Luckily the NASDAQ spiked that day so I made it out with a bit of profit. I used a bit of that profit to buy-in a minimal amount of Gamestop, trying to cash in on the trend, unfortunately I couldn’t get in on a low price. Well, I can afford to risk (and lose) this profit, so that’s fine. I just hope the Gamestop thing doesn’t crash the markets entirely, that would be just my luck for such a thing to happen just when I started.
  • Quiz: We were still ahead in the AboutQuiz league going into this week’s Price is Right-themed game, but we only finished 5th this time, so IDK if that will still hold.
  • Had a lot of family errands during the week as well, mostly financial stuff and helping my folks with medical appointments and such. I think this was the week where I had the most trips out of the house since the pandemic lockdowns began.

Site updates:

  • if you follow this site via an RSS/feed reader (both of you), you may want to know that I’ve added a daily feed to the site, it will cough up a single post per day with a summary of all the things I’ve posted for that day.

Looking forward to this coming week:

  • new WandaVision episode!
  • There’s a new thing I’ve been meaning to learn/get into, hoping to get started on it this week.
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