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Weeknotes 2021-02-21

Last week of February is about to start. Time flies, as they say.

The world:

  • Texas (and other parts of the southern US I guess) have been hit by heavy winter storms, with accompanying power grid failures and such. We have some relatives there so it’s a concern. Meanwhile, their governor falsely blames renewables for the power problems and their senator went to Cancun.
  • Facebook cut off Australian news links. I think both sides of these are dumb, but that is the big tech controversy of the week.
  • NASA has landed the Perseverance rover on Mars!
  • Unsurprisingly, we still do not have vaccines in this country.

My stuff:

  • Have a bunch of family and medical stuff to do this coming week, so I don’t expect to be very productive.
  • We had a Globe fiber internet outage last week, starting Tuesday afternoon until Thursday morning. So I spent all of Ash Wednesday without internet, which is appropriate as a bit of penitencia I guess. Spent the downtime complaining at their customer support account, and also reading and playing offline things. I thought about writing a post about their customer service, but it was an actual outage that affected a bunch of people in the area, and the customer service can’t really do much about that, so it seems a bit mean to pile on now that the service has been restored (and I seem to have gotten a rebate for the lost days). Maybe I’ll still write the post, we’ll see.
  • Still sketching.
  • Watching:
    • Caught up with B99 up to season 7. Looks like the final season might not come out until 2022 though.
    • I went ahead and finished The Expanse season 5 yesterday. Overall the season wasn’t as exciting as some of the earlier ones, but still pretty good.
    • WandaVision ended on another cliffhanger this week as usual, and it wasn’t a big surprise for me, given everyone on reddit had been predicting it. Two eps to go, hoping for a strong finish!
  • Gaming:
    • I played a lot of Kaldheim limited this week, drafts at first as usual, then I did some sealeds to prep for the Arena Open, which I also did as the season finale for the Kaldheim limited youtube playlist. I enjoyed this format, though I wasn’t super good at it (mostly my fault, since I didn’t really read up on pick orders and such early on). It’s fun and challenging. Looking forward to Strixhaven!
    • Thanks to our internet outage, I finished Knightin’! There’s a couple of achievements I haven’t gotten which I’m not sure if I’ll bother - they’re for doing a speedrun and a no-death run, both of which I can probably do with a bit of practice, but not sure it’s worth it. I did like the game though, I might write a short review this week.
    • Second Fire Emblem Three Houses run still in progress.
  • Books: Thanks to our internet outage, I finished reading Cory Doctorow’s “Walkaway”. Also started reading Scott Berkun’s Ghost of my Father, which turned out to be a quick read, will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow.

This coming week:

  • penultimate WandaVision ep!
  • Street Fighter 6 first drop for season 5
  • Civ6 New Frontier Pass free update for February (improved Barbarians mode!)
  • Superman and Lois premiering this week
  • Holiday on Thursday! (EDSA)
  • AboutQuiz league season finale
  • various family celebrations and medical errands
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