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Weeknotes 2021-03-14

Happy Pi Day!

The world:

  • It’s the one year anniversary of the world’s longest lockdown. In some kind of sick anniversary celebration, local covid cases are on the rise. Yesterday, 5000 new cases were reported, the highest daily rate in 6 months or so. And now a Philippine variant has been detected. Now is not the time to be complacent, we all need to be more careful. The government seems unwilling to impose another widespread ECQ and are focusing on targetted, granular lockdowns. Not sure how effective this would be.

My stuff:

  • Still sketching, not missing a beat apparently.
  • Watching:
    • I’m in the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise, and I’ve also started reading up on the show’s reception, which apparently wasn’t great, especially compared to the other Trek shows it succeeded. Not surprising, but the show isn’t that bad, really. I’m thinking of doing a blog post reviewing all the Trek shows, but I should probably watch The Animated Series first for completion purposes.
    • For a long time now I’ve been planning to watch the old pre-Brosnan Bond movies, which I’ve never seen. Maybe mostly for trivia purposes. I got started on this last week with Dr No (1962) and From Russia With Love (1963). Side note: I’m a bit amazed about how they’re able to do a sequel based on the success of the previous film in just a year. Modern day Hollywood films cost so much and are so complicated the typical spacing for sequels is at least three years. Next is Goldfinger!
  • Gaming:
    • Second Fire Emblem Three Houses run: Such slow progress, but progress nonetheless.
    • Still trying to finish Iris and the Giant!
  • Books: Still very slowly reading cyberpunk classic Neurmancer by William Gibson. I’m about 75% through, so maybe I’ll finish this in a week.
  • Started applying some layout changes and other stuff to the site, things will probably be moving around for a bit. Maybe I’ll write a blog post about it when I’m done.

This coming week:

  • Coming out this week: Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Zack Snyder’s Justice League! More looking forward to FatWS than ZSJL obviously. I am awaiting ZSJL with more of a morbid curiosity than anything else, i.e. my expectations are low.
  • I have more medical errands to conduct this week, seems like a bad habit that I keep having to get into too often. Comes with the age, I guess.

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