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Weeknotes 2021-03-21

The world:

  • Over the past couple of days, our nationwide daily covid cases broke 7000+, the highest recorded so far. Have to be super careful when going out for errands. Not that I wasn’t being careful even before, mind you. Just now, government has announced we are still under GCQ (see my post about the PH quarantine levels), but with more restrictions, etc. Looks like they are still hesitant to provide a stronger lockdown which would require paying people to stay home so they don’t starve to death.

My stuff:

  • Sketching, sketching.
  • Watching:
    • Continuing my run on the Bond movies with Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderall (1965).
    • I keep threatening to watch the Snyder Cut, but have yet to find a four hour block of time to do it. FOUR HOURS!!
    • Instead, I watched the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Kind of meh, though I appreciate the emotional angles they’re going for. Might have been more hyped if I wasn’t aware a certain character was going to be introduced in this series.
    • Finished watching Star Trek: Enterprise, now almost through the Animated Series. Almost to Star Trek TV series completion!
  • Gaming:
    • Second Fire Emblem Three Houses run: Still ongoing, somehow.
    • I’ve been meaning to play Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Steam since I got it from Humble Choice, but since I’m still in the middle of a Fire Emblem run I keep putting it off. It feels weird to have two anime-styled tactical RPGs running at once.
    • I actually managed to finish a run of Iris and the Giant! I still have a few more achievements to get, then I’ll probably write a review.
    • Actually managed to play a fair bit of Street Fighter V over the past week, after getting inspired by watching some Justin Wong videos. I think I’ve found the sweet spot / happy hour for actually finding matches where I am, so here’s hoping to play more moving forward.
  • Books: Finished reading Neuromancer. I thought I’d follow it up with some lighter reading, so I got started on a Discworld book: “Guards! Guards!”
  • Site changes applied!
  • We did an AboutQuiz this week, but it was terrible (for our team at the very least). I’m hoping the more mainstream pop culture trivia quizzes like PopQuiz and Geekfight come back some time soon.

This coming week:

  • I believe (could be wrong) that the Invincible animated series is coming out on Prime Video at the end of the week. I read a fair bit of the comic, though I don’t remember much of the later parts, so I’m looking forward to this. I feel like JK Simmons as the protag’s dad is going to turn out to be a great casting decision.
  • final drop in the Civ6 New Frontier pass, with new Civ Portugal, is coming out this week. I’m not very hyped for it, as I didn’t really enjoy the recent barbarian update too much, but maybe I’ll give it a go.
  • new Falcon and Winter Soldier etc etc. WandaVision really got going by the end of episode 3, but FatWS is only 2/3rds as many episodes, so I assume important things are gonna be happening in episode 2.

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