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Google Chrome and FloC

Google Chrome is adding a new feature that lets their browser target you with ads without using third-party browser cookies.

Here’s some more info: How to fight back against Google FLoC.

But basically it comes down to: if you’re a web user who doesn’t want your browsing history to be used to target you with advertisments, stop using Google Chrome. There are many alternatives. I’m a Firefox boy myself.

For site owners, you can add a Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=() response header to opt-out of your site being included in the data collected about your Chrome visitors. I’ve updated this site to add the header.

[Update 4.18] says the fears about FloC aren’t exactly accurate, and that webmasters don’t really need to add the response header as long as they aren’t using third-party scripts anyway? I’ll just keep it around though.

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