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Weeknotes 2021-04-18

I’m not sure what to think of this past week, feels like it went by quickly. I may have spent too much of it daydreaming.

The world:

  • NCR+ bubble is now one week into modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ - an acronym that makes no sense). Cases still seem to be pretty high on a day-to-day basis, though we’re told the R number is dropping slightly, so that’s good I guess? Still, would be nice if the case numbers would calm down. Still lots of stories about people having trouble getting into hospitals and dying in ICUs. Meanwhile, the presidential spokesperson claims it’s “unchristian” to ask how he managed to get a hospital booking despite all the problems.
  • Quezon City is out of vaccines, at least for now, until the national government gives them some more. They were able to vaccinate around 100,000 people so far, which isn’t too bad. The two seniors I live with still haven’t gotten vaccinated, so hopefully supplies come back up soon.
  • In a rare show of spine, the Philippine government, in coordination with American friends, have sent coast guard ships to chase away the Chinese invaders in Julian Felipe reef!
  • Not sure what’s happening with the rest of the world, haven’t really been paying attention.
  • I guess we could note that in the US, cops are killing more black people while protests about previous killings are going on while a former police officer is on trial for a previous killing, but this sort of thing doesn’t really feel “new” for the US anymore. Now, if they actually do something to fix the systemic rot in their police system, that would be news. (Not that our cops here are much better…) Don’t really feel like providing links for this one.

My stuff:

  • Still sketching! Practiced sketching some elaborate hair, that’s always a challenge for me.
  • We tried out these three-cheese donuts from Lola Nena’s, after I heard about them from a local streamer. Pretty good!
  • Watching:
    • Movies: Watched Airplane! (1980) and Live and Let Die (1973) to continute the James Bond run.
    • This week’s Falcon and Winter Soldier was mostly set up for the finale next week.
    • I have also been enjoying Invincible, but I guess that I will reserve commentary until the season is done.
    • I did not watch this year’s Wrestlemania.
  • Gaming:
    • The new set, Strixhaven, has dropped on Magic Arena, and I’m having fun drafting it. Follow along via the MTGStrixhaven tag!
    • I also randomly decided into Eternal’s Stormbreak open this weekend, did terribly, as could be expected lol. At least I got to open a bunch of packs.
    • Other than the card games, I actually didn’t get much gaming done this week. I should correct that.
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses has no progress this past week lol. I really should finish this second run. I did play a bit of Pac-Man 99 on the Switch, but couldn’t manage to actually win a game, seems harder than Super Mario 99.
  • Books: Currently reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.
  • Trivia: This past Saturday, our trivia group split into two teams: one played in an Attack on Titan-themed trivia (I didn’t join because I didn’t want to be spoiled) while the rest of us played in the regular AboutQuiz, with a poetry-themed game. Coincidentally, we finished in third place for both quizzes.

This coming week:

  • Falcon and Winter Soldier finale!
  • new Invincible
  • Rose DLC character for Street Fighter V drops on the 19th, part of season 5
  • Horizon Zero Dawn will be free on PSN on the 19th, no PS+ required!
  • Final Civ6 balance update drops on the 22nd
  • A couple of family birthdays next weekend
  • We actually have two regular trivia events this coming week, since PopQuiz is back.
  • Mystery event on Saturday the 24th, I’ll post about it if I decide to participate.

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