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  • Posted on r/StreetFighter: Steam: Hori PS3 RAP V3-SA suddenly doesn’t work with SF5 :(

    Not sure if such a post is allowed here. If not, kindly tell me where I can post instead.

    I haven’t played SF5 in more than half a year, but I decided to give it a go again since I actually had the S2 season pass. However, my arcade stick (a PS3 Hori RAP V3-SA as mentioned above) suddenly won’t work correctly. The D-stick input is not recognized by the game, although the button inputs are.

    I used to be able to use this same stick with the game so IDK what happened. Was there some kind of update that broke such support.

    I also tried playing GG:Revelator with the stick, and it works fine there, so it’s definitely something with SF5.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance!

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