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Nov 2018

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  • Changed to Thematic  zroytang : yung current na wordpress theme ko parang ang crowded (Anonymous) : baka it's the font... or less ugn spacing zroytang : papagalitan mo ko pag pinalitan ko e zroytang : haha (Anonymous) : haha hindi naman a (Anonymous) : sabihin ko lang na you're fickle like a girl (Anonymous) : haha zroytang : tsk! (Anonymous) : it's nice to be female.

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  • MTG Autocard WordPress Plugin

    I had been planning to do this for a while: it’s my first WordPress Plugin! Over at Roy on Magic, I often have to write out decklists and such, so I wanted to have an autocard feature similar to the one used at MTGSalvation. After a quick five-minute search I couldn’t figure out how they did it, so I just wrote the plugin myself. Actual effort was around 3.5 hours, most of it struggling with PHP and Regular Expressions.

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  • Free WordPress Hosting

    Wordpress host – free blog I’ve wanted to try WordPress for a while now, but not having easy access to a PHP-enabled server of my own, I haven’t had the chance. Blogsome is a new, free service that provides WordPress for blogging. I signed up, and was still available (nothing there, don’t bother looking) Am I going to leave blogger? I don’t know, really, I’m already pretty comfortable with it already, and moving to WordPress means learning a while new templating language (I know it would take all of an hour to get it down, but still… inertia).

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