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Aug 2010

Jul 2010

  • My #m11 Release Party was chock full of playables - Overwhelming Stampede, Royal Assassin, bunch of removal, etc. Nothing of value though.

    [17:33] Went 3-1 at the #m11 Release Party. Only good rare in my prize packs was a DoJ.

  • White Leyline: Really? RDW died again. Reprint Anarchy! #mtg #m11

    [12:27] Slightly disappointed with the remainder of #m11. No Ranger of Eos, no Jace2, no Imperious Perfect, etc. Oh, and no @Grizzly_Bears #mtg

    [19:48] Devastating Force: I love it, but makes me wish we had better signets. #mtg #m11

    [19:52] Dark Tutelage: I would miss Phyrexian Arena a bit less if this guy could swing for two. Or at least cost a mana less. #mtg #m11

    [19:56] #m11 reminds me of rav block standard. There’s hierarch, wildfire, a dark confidant effect, leylines. But yeah, better signets, stat! #mtg

  • Destructive Force: This card is literally “Wildfire+1”. Is it because six is the new seven? Will Wildfire decks return? #mtg #m11

    [12:31] Autumn’s Veil: This is pratically a green Flashfreeze. Will it be enough to fight the wave of new blue permission decks? #mtg #m11

  • I think more people would be happy than sad if JaceTMS was in #m11 #mtg

    [12:16] Fauna Shaman: Now that’s what I’m talking about! As usual, @fivewithflores delivers the best previews. #m11 #mtg

    [12:24] Leyline of Anticipation: If your blue opponent has this out on turn 0, you’re now playing a very different (and unfair) game. #m11 #mtg

    [12:24] Leyline of Anticipation: On the other hand, it might be possible to board this in AGAINST blue decks. #mtg #m11

    [14:03] I hope red gets “Leyline of X: All creatures lose shroud and protection. Damage can’t be prevented. Players can’t gain life.” #m11 #mtg

    [14:07] Why do Relentless Rats keep getting reprinted? At least make it common so that it enables an exciting draft archetype! #mtg #m11

    [16:58] Fauna Shaman is a great card. That’s a terrible name though. #mtg #m11

    [17:04] There was a rumor of Exotic Orchard reprinted because it appeared in @dailymtg card of the day. What about Emblem of the Warmind? #mtg #m11

Jun 2010

  • Pyretic Ritual - first Timetwister, now Dark Ritual? #mtg #m11

    [13:57] I hope @fivewithflores has something good for us tomorrow. Other than the Lich, the previews this week have been a bit meh. #mtg #m11

    [16:28] I hope a pull a Juggernaut at the prerelease and fight today’s preview card. I get to say “I’m the Juggernaut, Lich!” #mtg #m11

  • Boo SGC is out. #mtg #m11

    [12:11] #mtg #m11 @mtgaaron just confirmed Elvish Archdruid reprinted, that should debunk the silly Imperious Perfect rumor?

    [12:11] I think Grave Titan is easily the strongest of this cycle. #mtg #m11

    [12:15] Interestingly, Green Titan gets any lands, not just basics. #mtg #m11

    [13:37] Today’s previews weren’t as exciting as I had hoped. Though Grave Titan is solid, we already knew about this cycle. #mtg #m11

    [13:42] Gaea’s Revenge needed trample. Or “Protection from nongreen” #mtg #m11

    [13:45] Hm… @maro254 ’s article mentioned “rare and mythic rare cycle that you’ll be learning about pretty soon”, what are they? #mtg #m11

    [23:54] Aw man, the number crunch already rules out Char in #m11. I need a replacement for Staggershock, it’s kinda bad unless opp’s at 4. #mtg #rdw

    [12:19] Turn 5/6 Primeval Titan fetching 2 Eldrazi temple. Untap, swing, 2 more Temples, land drop, Emrakul. #mtg

    [23:56] I wonder if Wizards will someday have a set with randomly assigned card numbers. Just to screw with number crunchers. #mtg

  • Someday, someone will take out 4 O-Rings and 4 Spreading Seas with a single Back to Nature. It’s going to be legendary! #mtg #m11

    [18:10] Goblin Balloon Brigade was reprinted so red decks could have a Goblin that could fly over Wall of Omens. #mtg #m11

    [18:22] Amused at the thread on salvation about the possibility of Goblin Piledriver being reprinted. It always reminds me of wrestling. #mtg #m11

    [18:30] I hope Eternal Witness gets reprinted now that she’s out of extended. There’s still space for her in the number crunch! #mtg #m11

  • Seriously? Imperious Perfect?

    [20:30] I’m not sure I get it. Isn’t Overwhelming Stampede just a crappier Overrun at rare? Sure, the CC is slightly easier, but still… #mtg

    [20:38] Combust needed “can target creatures with protection or shroud as if they did not have protection or shroud” #mtg #m11